We, the Magazine Street Seventh-day Adventist Church are a grace-filled community of faith whose goal is to continually GROW into the image of Christ. We are committed to GO connect and witness to others in the West End community. Our purpose is to GLOW - glorifying God in all that we do and say in joyful worship and praise. We are committed to GIVE generously for the cause of Christ--to His church and school--and to serve those who are in need of a touch from God!


By God's grace, I commit to represent our Master by choosing to participate in each of these 5 CORE COMMITMENTS at least once a week:


WORSHIP — Attend a minimum of one corporate worship event at Magazine Street SDA a week.


CONNECT — Seek out a space in time for positive interaction with another believer in a meaningful fellowship opportunity.


GROW — Attend at least one service, class or group to aid in your spiritual education.


SERVE — Share your God-given talent or time in an activity sponsored by the church and/or community with intent to help somebody else.


GIVE — Commit to a lifestyle of faithful giving to the Lord by returning a tithe (10%) and a minimum (3-5%) for freewill offerings that assist in the support of the local ministries and operations of the church.