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Church History

*Note: D. Washington-Kensler compiled previously written material from

other sources and wrote some of the material that comprises this treatise.*

"Magazine Street Seventh Day Adventist Temple" has been the historic name

of the Magazine Street Church due to our Adventist heritage of belief that our

faith represents the new spiritual "Israel."  In more recent years, the church

came to be known as Magazine Street SDA Church, but in order to maintain

our historical relevance and significance, the church took on the name,

"Magazine Street Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church," which is sometimes

shortened to "Magazine Street Church."

Documented records show that the history of the church dates back to the

the mid-1880s without a break since its organization.

The Magazine Street Church School began in 1915.  The school, later named Emma L. Minnis Junior Academy, began as a result of a few concerned parents who wanted their children to be trained for "time" and "eternity."  These parents wanted a curriculum that incorporated the basics of reading, writing, history, and mathematics with Bible principles.

Much later, because of her significant positive influence, the church school was named Emma L. Minnis Junior Academy.  Emma L. Minnis was a well-known Adventist musician and educator.  She brought the concept of introducing music as an academic pursuit for students in the church school setting (before the school was eventually named after her).

The church school has had various locations.  Many, including Mrs. Mary Tacoma Maupin, have worked in a variety of ways to help reach church goals of providing the church with a church school.  Under the direction of Pastor Kennedy C. Luckett, the church school now currently resides directly across the street from the Magazine Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

The church has had several pastors throughout its history.  A few of those who pastored the small flock that later became a church, include
- Elder A. Barry
- Elder C.M. Kinney
- Elder J.H. Lawrence
- Elder J.B. Mallory
- Elder J.W. Jones
- Elder A.B. Stoney
- Elder J.H. Miller
- Elder C.A. Lynes
- Elder E.T. Minnis
- Elder D.L. Crowder
- Elder C.R. Graham
- Elder I.J. Johnson
- Elder J.H. Wagner
- Elder E.E. Rogers
- Elder Isaac Lester
- Elder Roy L. Patterson
- Elder Marcellus P. Howard

- Elder Kennedy C. Luckett

- Elder George E. Thornton, Sr.

- Elder Hasani Tait 

The church Archives Department, under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Green, began work at developing the church history based on the 90th Anniversary of the Magazine Street Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church, and Mrs. Green was commissioned by Elder John Wagner to preserve the rich history of what many view as the historically the oldest Black Adventist Church.

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