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Road to Reopening

Praying.  Planning.  Preparing to return to our sanctuary in 2021


When You Arrive to Church

Review our written protocols so that you'll be prepared for some of the new protocols once you arrive to church. 

Health Screening

Review our COVID-19 Health Screening questionnaire.

Protocol Videos

View our COVID-19 Protocol Videos 

Magazine St. SDA Church

Magazine St. SDA Church

Magazine St. SDA Church
Praise Team

Praise Team

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Magazine St  Worship Service 6 8 24

Magazine St Worship Service 6 8 24

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Yesterday at Magazine Street SDA Church

Yesterday at Magazine Street SDA Church

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Our sanctuary doors will be open for service Saturday mornings at 12 noon but you’ll want to arrive before that, around 11:30am.  Once you arrive and park your vehicle, go in through our mahogany doors (elevator available for seniors/handicap) and wait to be seated by our team of ushers and greeters.  As a reminder, masks are required as you enter the building.  


Once you enter the foyer, please follow the direction of our ushers.  Families or those who rode in the same car together, will be seated together.  The ushers will walk you to your seats.  Our center aisles will be used as entrances into the sanctuary, while our outer aisles (near the windows) will be used as exits from the sanctuary.  


The two doors on either side of the pulpit cannot be used during this time.  If you need to utilize the baby room, we have limited capacity to one family at a time and if you need to use the restroom, the lower level restrooms will be open with limited capacity (2 at a time).  At this time all water fountains, our fellowship hall, and lower level classrooms are closed.  


Once service ends, ushers will release all guests row by row, starting from the back of church (near the glass doors) and working up to the front of church (by the pulpit).  We are asking that you use the outer aisles (near the windows) to leave church, exit through the glass doors or elevator (if needed) and back through the main doors.  Once you have exited the building, there is no re-entry.  Please make sure you have everything with you when exiting the building.



If you are planning to worship with us in-person, please review the following questions first.

In the past 14 days, have you had: 

  1. A new fever (100.4°F or higher) or a sense of having a fever?

  2. A new cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition?

  3. Contact with someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above or if your temperature is above 100.4º, we will request that you return home and participate online.

Health Screening
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